Gender Apostates weekly round-up 26 June 2015

Welcome to the first Gender Apostates weekly round-up.

The Gender Apostates collaborative blog opened for business on Friday 19 June, with Sass’s piece addressing the fear and disgust that motivates social justice warriors to lie to themselves and the world about feminine men, and later on Diana offered a deeply personal confessional of the internal conflict felt over the two separate but related stories of Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner.

Sass returned on Monday explaining who Sass’s target audience is and Tuesday began with Rebecca R-C’s superb essay reconciling holding position as a gender abolitionist in a non-perfect world. The busy afternoon continued with Sass cross-posting a vital piece containing an analysis of intersectionality and radical feminism, and aoifeschatology finished the day with another deeply personal post alluding to the journey aoife has undertaken in the last year, and squaring one’s own existence with one’s own personal beliefs.

Wednesday I myself wrote my debut piece, which takes a good look at transgender ideology and how its current formulation is damaging to women’s causes, in effect an outline of my ‘antigenderist manifesto.’ Thursday Sass published the first in a series of pieces wherein each Apostate writes about the feminist works that have influenced our lives.

All of us are very happy to be producing content together and sharing it with you here, and look forward to another productive week coming up. Until then, I hope you enjoy this short video ‘Gender for Dummies in 5 Minutes‘.

3 Comments on “Gender Apostates weekly round-up 26 June 2015

  1. I love that video, Miranda! With one caveat. Mammalian sex = male/female. Woman = female human, Man = male human. Gender = masculine & feminine. Without gender we would still have women & men, but no masculinity & femininity! I think this language is important, but like I said, still a fan of the video.

  2. Dear Gender Apostates

    What happened to aoifeschatology’s article: Oliver’s Twist: On Men Lecturing Women on How to be the Woman? I got an email about it and am hooked and want to read the rest, but it doesn’t seem to be on your site. Please let us read it! I am a fan of aoifeschatology.

    With love


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