Assigned Fail

Assigned Male is a propaganda cartoon that puts genderist nonsense into the mouth of a little “trans girl.” Because I take issue with this propaganda, I will be accused of “hating trans people.”

I do not hate transsexual people. I don’t hate any group of people suffering from a rare medical condition. There are several transsexual people – many writing here, in fact – who have become very dear to me. I think sex dysmorphia is an understandable though heartbreaking result of the gender straightjacket. Furthermore, I do not oppose medical transition for adults who suffer from sex dysmorphia – not that my opinion would sway the medical-pharmaceutical complex in any way.

But I do hate that non-dysmorphic males are using transsexual people as their human shields. I furthermore hate that so many so-called Leftists are more interested in using transsexual people as their disgust-tolerance merit badges than in doing any real power analysis of gender and male violence. And I especially hate that we are now seeing gender non-conforming children being referred to (*shiver*) gender clinics. Instead of letting go of the pervasive gender stereotypes that cause people to feel alien in their own bodies, we are now actively inducing sex dysmorphia in our kids, and calling that progressive.

Hey Leftists, you know how we don’t “support our troops” by sending them into wars that only kill innocents and line the pockets of war profiteers? Well, we don’t support transsexual people by spreading their suffering to the next generation and lining the pockets of medical/pharmaceutical profiteers.

With all that said, my take on Assigned Male Fail:



Their propaganda:


My response:


Their propaganda:


My response:


Their propaganda:


My response:


I am no artist, but my final word (graphic, rather) on the matter:

simple (1)

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    1. LOL nope. You, however, are “mixing up” sex, sexism & human personality. You also seem to be mixing me up with someone who gives a shit about your sexist newspeak.

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